Step and Repeat Banners
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Things to consider when purchasing a Step and Repeat

Is the banner printed in one piece?
All of our banners our printed in one piece. Beware of companies offering inexpensive banners that are seamed together after being printed.

Is the banner printed on the proper material? prints on Matte vinyl blockout material. Blockout material ensures that they won't be light or shadows showing through the back. (See photo below)


Are the stands durable?
Our professional pipe and base stands are simple to set-up and are more durable than the telescopic stands sold by some of our competitors. They come with a 10 year warranty and we always have parts available.

Look at examples of actual photos.
All of the photos on our site are photos of the actual product. The ease of setup allows us to easily photograph our work. They are not digitally imaged.  If you are comparing Step Repeat companies, ask to see several photos of their actual work, There are some websites out there that simply take images off other websites and represent it as their own work.

Will the banner look like the examples shown.
Our "Quick Setup" and "5 Minute Setup". Our banners are engineered to fit our stands which gives a wrinkle and wave-free look with setup.

Is work done in house?
All aspects of out Step and Repeat packages are done in-house. By operating two 102" machines you will never hear the excuse that our machine is down and we can't deliver on time  This allows us to offer some of the fastest turnaround times. Please feel free to stop by and see our facility.

How will the Step and Repeat be packaged?
All Step and Repeats are rolled on a piece of PVC pipe and wrapped in plastic. They are never folded. Folding will cause a crease in the banner that may never come out. Our "5 Minute Setup" and "Quick Setup" packages are in a bag and shipped in a custom made box. This help ensure that your step and repeat will arrive in good condition.